Monthly Archives: August 2013

Crazy tall bike in town

Today right in front of the Tamarindo's office of Vacation Rental of Tamarindo there was this guy riding a crazy tall bike. It called the attention of everyone there because it looked so funny, he was riding something like that for the first time and seemed he could fall...
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CNN: Tamarindo Among Top Surfing Beaches Worldwide

On July 1st 2013 CNN posted an article entitled "World's 50 best surf spots". In the list we found Tamarindo in the 27th position. Here is their view of it: "Good for beginners and experts, this half-kilometer stretch of beach with warm water generates waves that reach heights of three meters." "Howler monkeys swing through the trees...
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The Catamaran

Catamaran - if you don’t get it don’t worry. I at first didn’t get it. Thinking about it I still don’t, oh well the only thing I can tell you is it’s a boat, a fun one too. I had a hell of time, on catamaran I went with my sister my mom and my...
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Zip Line de Cartagena

Zip Line de Cartagena - There was the first time I went on zip line. I almost crapped in my pants I was so scared. But, at the same time I was having fun, and the best part was my cousin Sofi screaming like crazy. Yeah, comes with us everywhere. Boring but what can u...
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Nature Spa – Corn Festival

Ah… the Corn Festival! I still remember it like it where yesterday, but actually it was last year in 7th grade. The 10th graders had to pick someone from 7th to 9th to participate. Each student had to represent their class, and like nobody wanted to. Let’s say I “took one for the team”, in...
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¡Buena Vista!

Buena Vista a fun place to hang out. For the first time in my life I rode a horse there. I still remember her name, Appaloosa, weird name! Ha! Well if you arr in Costa Rica you’ll find a lot of other weird things here. The first time I came to Costa Rica - wait...
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Special Services Provided by Vacation Rentals of Tamarindo

Here are more services we provide that will make you visit more pleasant:
  • Babysitter Services
  • Book Tours and Activities
  • Dinner Reservations
  • Domestic flights between San Jose and Tamarindo
  • Fishing Trips
  • Long Distance Calls
  • Maps or Directions
  • Massage Therapist on-site
  • Medical/Dental Tourism
  • Money Exchange Rate
  • Photocopy of your Passport
  • Private Chef or a Cook
  • Private Driver
  • Real Estate Tour
  • Rent a Car
  • Send or Receive a Fax
  • Shuttle Service
  • Stock your fridge prior to...
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Check In / Check Out Policies of Vacation Rentals of Tamarindo

Checking In

Check-in is at 15:00 hrs.  If you arrive before 17:00 hrs, please pick up your keys at the nearest VRT office. If you are staying in Langosta Beach your keys will be at our Langosta Beach office, located in the Centro Comercial La Fuente, office #2, across the street from the Cala Luna Hotel. If...
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