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Today right in front of the Tamarindo’s office of Vacation Rental of Tamarindo there was this guy riding a crazy tall bike. It called the attention of everyone there because it looked so funny, he was riding something like that for the first time and seemed he could fall any time.  This is just one example of the funny stories you can experience yourself if you visit the Costa Rica Gold Coast!

Getting ready

First few meters

Victorious Return


On July 1st 2013 CNN posted an article entitled “World’s 50 best surf spots”. In the list we found Tamarindo in the 27th position. Here is their view of it:

“Good for beginners and experts, this half-kilometer stretch of beach with warm water generates waves that reach heights of three meters.”

“Howler monkeys swing through the trees and parakeets screech in the background.”

However many users expressed their disagree for having only one Costa Rican beach on the list. It is probably impossible to make a top 50 list of surfing spots that everyone agrees with, nevertheless we want to highlight the fact that Tamarindo is known around the globe.

Taken from: CNN

Tamarindo Surfing. Credit to Instragram user pricklypoppy


Catamaran – if you don’t get it don’t worry. I at first didn’t get it. Thinking about it I still don’t, oh well the only thing I can tell you is it’s a boat, a fun one too. I had a hell of time, on catamaran I went with my sister my mom and my aunt. It was my first time I got on a boat and the only bad thing about it is the sea sickness – augh! I wanted to puke but forget about that. I got to steer the wheel and I felt like Jack Sparrow!

I saw dolphins and I think I saw an eel with them. It was that our all that puke went to my head. Well, in a catamaran u get to go snorkeling. Actually I have a funny story about snorkeling. In that same boat my aunt doesn’t know how to swim so we tried to teach her but she almost drowned us. She had everything to go under the water but I guess she was really scared. She told me that she felt that the boat was on top of her. I guess she really didn’t want to let us know she can’t swim, but the past is the past.

If u want to know more, press here to know how to get the boat on top of you – just kidding!

- Gaby


Zip Line de Cartagena – There was the first time I went on zip line. I almost crapped in my pants I was so scared. But, at the same time I was having fun, and the best part was my cousin Sofi screaming like crazy. Yeah, comes with us everywhere. Boring but what can u do when your cousin scares the heck out of u? Oh… well, like I was saying we went with my mom my dad my sister and last but not least oh who am I kidding she’s least all right, my cousin.

So, my mom couldn’t go on the zip line so she stayed in the car. So, there we were and someone had to go first and that person was my dad to take pictures like every dad does when he sees he’s little bird fly in the air. So, the next person was me I thought I was going to die. I screamed like never before and finally the fun torture was over. Then it was my sister’s turn, but let’s forget about that (reminders – she’s a bit boring, a bit? who am I kidding). So now its Sofi’s turn and I think forgot to say this but it was her first time too, and that girl, there is nothing she’s not afraid of. She cried, screamed, and it looked like she was dying, so finally the guy got tired and had to go with her but she still couldn’t calm down and that’s how she acted the rest of the day at Zip Line de Cartagena. Instead of having fun I couldn’t hear for the rest of the day, even my mom heard her from the car oh… well but actually I had a blast!

If u want fly like a bird come on down to Zip Line de Cartagena. Let’s see if u have more fun than me. Oh… how could I forget – there’s monkey there, real life eatable monkeys.

- Gaby


Ah… the Corn Festival! I still remember it like it where yesterday, but actually it was last year in 7th grade. The 10th graders had to pick someone from 7th to 9th to participate. Each student had to represent their class, and like nobody wanted to. Let’s say I “took one for the team”, in this case class.

So, the corn festival is something like the beauty pageant but native style. The 10th graders had to design our dresses and make a speech for us candidates. So, like I wanted to be the best! I called Nature Spa to help. I looked gorgeous. Everybody said I was the most beautiful, thanking about it with or without makeup I was the prettiest there. Those girls looked terrible, augh! And, even so I lost (who knows why I lost no kidding those girls looked ugly) I was the prettiest there thanks to who……….Nature Spa!

Mani & Pedi – Silvia is one of the owners of the spa and she does miraculous with your nails and your hearing from a girl who nails where literally disgusting. She made my nails look like the new Lady Gaga. This woman has a natural talent maybe that’s why it’s called Nature Spa – mmm…. But really, she’s really good, so good she could make Miley Cyrus go back to normal. I’m kidding! But, if u don’t believe me book a plane to Costa Rica to find out, and if your already hear even better!

Hair Styles – Andres is one of the owners of Nature Spa and he cuts hair there, and if you have witches hair he’ll turn in to Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty you name it! Thanks to him, I don’t look like Beauty and the Beast anymore and trust me I wasn’t beauty.

I would show u the pictures but I burned those things a long… time ago, Thank God!

But let’s not remember the past and focus on the future. So, come on, that glass slipper won’t wait 4ever

If u want to know more about Nature Spa click here, before it strikes midnight!

- Gaby


Buena Vista a fun place to hang out. For the first time in my life I rode a horse there. I still remember her name, Appaloosa, weird name! Ha! Well if you arr in Costa Rica you’ll find a lot of other weird things here. The first time I came to Costa Rica – wait why are we talking about me if there more interesting stuff to talk about? Who am I kidding I’m more interesting, just kidding, but really.

As I was saying, better yet typing, the first time I went to Buena Vista I was with my cousin Sofi, and that was the time I got to ride Appaloosa and she’s a bit grumpy and a bit mean to, but let’s say she’s just like me. Well, so Sofi was on this other horse named Sardina (English sardine) so Appaloosa didn’t like Sardina or my cousin (just like me) so she started pushing my cousin’s horse and like Sofi is scared of everything. She would scream “stop it”, but if u where there u wouldn’t have stopped. I know, I didn’t I mean really, but it was so hilarious she would cry and for a moment I thought she would pee. Oh… the old days that’s why I will never forget Appaloosa .

Let’s stop talking about them and start talking about the spring waters. OMG the only thing I can tell u my skin was like a baby’s butt. No wait, the water slide – sweet, it was crazy.

Don’t forget the zip line, I mean really, There’s all type of ways to go, superman, upside down or with a partner, and if u want to know, yes, I tried them all and yes it was awesome and yes I almost peed.

If you are still reading this STOP NOW! Better yet go to this link where you can book it and enjoy this awesome place.

What are u still doing here? GO NOW!

- Gaby


In Vacation Rentals of Tamarindo we are proud to announce that FlipKey.com and TripAdvisor.com has rated our services in Property Management and Vacation Rentals as “Excellent”.

We want to thank all our customers for your good reviews and look forward to keep providing high quality services.

Below is part of the message…

Congratulations! Each year, FlipKey and TripAdvisor have the privilege of recognizing our leading vacation rental managers; this year, Vacation Rentals of Tamarindo has been recognized as one of our most outstanding companies.

You should have received our “Rated Excellent” decal in the mail, or will be receiving it shortly, but as part of this distinction, you also qualify for our “Rated Excellent” digital badge. This exclusive award recognizes outstanding vacation rentals based on reviews from past guests. It is clear that you provide fantastic rental properties for your guests and we are pleased to recognize your efforts.


Here are more services we provide that will make you visit more pleasant:

  • Babysitter Services
  • Book Tours and Activities
  • Dinner Reservations
  • Domestic flights between San Jose and Tamarindo
  • Fishing Trips
  • Long Distance Calls
  • Maps or Directions
  • Massage Therapist on-site
  • Medical/Dental Tourism
  • Money Exchange Rate
  • Photocopy of your Passport
  • Private Chef or a Cook
  • Private Driver
  • Real Estate Tour
  • Rent a Car
  • Send or Receive a Fax
  • Shuttle Service
  • Stock your fridge prior to your arrival
  • Surfing Instructor
  • Weather Information

For this or other requests you may have just contact us. We will be happy to help you have a wonderful vacation in Costa Rica!


Checking In

Check-in is at 15:00 hrs.  If you arrive before 17:00 hrs, please pick up your keys at the nearest VRT office. If you are staying in Langosta Beach your keys will be at our Langosta Beach office, located in the Centro Comercial La Fuente, office #2, across the street from the Cala Luna Hotel. If you are staying in Tamarindo your keys will be at our Tamarindo Beach office, located in the Centro Comercial Sunrise, office #6. If you are staying in Potrero or Playa Penca your keys will be at our Potrero office, located in the Centro Comercial Casa Del Sol, office #7, across the street from the Potrero Soccer Field.

If you arrive after 17:00 hrs, please pick up your keys at the guard house of the Resort you will be staying (Tamarindo: Sunrise, Villaverde, Sunset Hill, Palmas de Tamarindo / Langosta: Naxos, Peninsula, La Esquina, Crystal Sands / Potrero: Casa del Sol / Famingo: Oceanica).

Checking Out

Check-out is at 12:00 hrs.

The condo will need to be inspected 1 hour prior your departure. For early morning check-outs the inspection will be carried the day before check out

If you are checking out during office working hours (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)please drop the keys at the closest VRT office (Tamarindo Beach: Centro Comercial Sunrise, office #6, across the street from Pizza Hut. Langosta Beach: Centro Comercial La Fuente, office #2, across the street from the Cala Luna Hotel. Potrero Beach: Centro Comercial Casa Del Sol, office #7, across the street from the Potrero Soccer Field.)

For early morning check-outs  (before 9:00 a.m.)If you are a guest in Langosta Beach please deposit the keys in the safebox located next to the main door of our Langosta Beach office, located across the street from teh Cala Luna Hotel. If you are a Tamarindo guest please deposit the keys in the safebox located at the guardhouse of the Sunrise condos. If you are a Potrero/Surfside guest, please leave the keys with the security guard of the complex in which you are staying.


This is the location of Casa del Sol Resort in Potrero, Costa Rica.

If what you need are driving directions to the area please go to Tamarindo, Langosta and Potrero Driving Directions and Maps

If you would like to check listings on this area please go to VacationRentalsOfTamarindo.com

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