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Tamarindo, Langosta, Flamingo and Potrero Driving Directions and Maps

Reminders: The only gas station is after passing Portegolpe, fill your tank there before following your way. Your driver licence is valid in Costa Rica for 3 months after the date you get in the country. Animals can be on the road drive carfully to proctec them please. Speed limit is around 50-60 milles. Road do not...
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Costa Rica Travel Tips

Prepare • Entry Points • Money • Taxes • Tipping • Time • Packing / Luggage • Health Issues • Driving • Beaches • Radio / TV • Telephone • Electricity • Water • Food • Culture / Customs • Security
Costa Rica has become one of the most desirable travel destinations on Earth. Its climate, topography, friendly people, environmental sensitivity, and welcoming traditions create a memorable experience for...
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