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Costa Rica Travel Tips

Prepare • Entry Points • Money • Taxes • Tipping • Time • Packing / Luggage • Health Issues • Driving • Beaches • Radio / TV • Telephone • Electricity • Water • Food • Culture / Customs • Security
Costa Rica has become one of the most desirable travel destinations on Earth. Its climate, topography, friendly people, environmental sensitivity, and welcoming traditions create a memorable experience for...
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Costa Rica Tamarindo Sports

There is a wide variety of sport activities you can enjoy at the Costa Rica Gold Coast, among them: Surfing, Soccer, Golf, Basketball, Pool, Tennis, Swimming, Mountain Biking, Volleyball, Fishing, Sailing and Gym work outs. The most popular sport is of course Surfing. Guanacaste is popular among surfers who are drawn from near and far by the...
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Pan De Azucar Beach Overview

Playa Pan de Azucar (Sugar Beach) is located at the end of the graded road as you head north and west out of Potrero. The Sugar Beach Hotel sits on part of this beach, but there is a dirt parking area accessible from the road beyond the hotel. Sugar Beach is a short beach of less...
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Prieta Beach Overview

This white fine sand beach and its calm waters are perfect for swimming and fishing. Playa Prieta is further along the road to Sugar Beach after Playa Penca. The beach is encompassed to the west by the hills and cliffs of Punta Salinas, to the south by Playa Penca, and to the north by the...
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Penca Beach Overview

This secluded, beautiful beach is less than 1 km long has clear sands, relatively rough waves and features a mangrove swamp. It is a blue-flag beach located between Playa Potrero and Sugar Beach at a distance of about 4 km from Playa Flamingo. You can access it by turning left at the first road after...
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Surfside / Potrero Beach Overview

Potrero Bay is immediately north of Flamingo and looks back at it. Playa Potrero and Surfside are the first grey fine sand beaches on the bay. The calm waters are perfect for swimming, boating, and fishing. Potrero is a small fisher village located in the center of the beach. It is also becoming the community...
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Flamingo Beach Overview

This beautiful white sandy beach is nestled between two peninsulas embracing Flamingo Bay. The beach is a corridor of white sand flanked by low altitude hills. From the shore one can see the small island called Plata. The cliffs of Punta Salinas and the rocky headlands are the littoral areas where the fauna and flora lives....
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Brasilito Beach Overview

The main attraction of the 2 km long Playa Brasilito Beach is its closeness to Playa Conchal. By traveling south from Brasilito, you can reach Playa Conchal by walking or driving over a rocky path at the end of Playa Brasilito. It is important to be mindful of tidal schedules as high tides can block...
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Conchal Beach Overview

At Playa Conchal, so called for the many conchas (shells) that pile up on the beach, the sand is made up of millions of crushed shells that constitute a rare environment. Conchal is also the most common name given to a pretty sweep of bay beginning about 2 km south of Brasilito. The clear water...
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Grande Beach Overview

Playa Grande lies immediately north and west of Playa Tamarindo and is really the continuation of the same arcing beach. It is divided from Playa Tamarindo by the estuary of the Matapalo River, which can be forded on foot at times of low tide. Please be careful, as crocodiles do inhabit the river, but usually...
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