Brasilito Beach Overview

The main attraction of the 2 km long Playa Brasilito Beach is its closeness to Playa Conchal. By traveling south from Brasilito, you can reach Playa Conchal by walking or driving over a rocky path at the end of Playa Brasilito. It is important to be mindful of tidal schedules as high tides can block the way.

Playa Brasilito is a wide grey sand beach that draws few regular visitors, because Playa Conchal is so close. The town of Brasilito has many “beach goer” amenities for those passing through. There is a program of building demolitions underway in Brasilito, as the national government is enforcing development restrictions near the shoreline. Brasilito will undoubtedly evolve past this period of change as economic pressures increase it future attractiveness to investors.

Playa Brasilito, credit to Instagram user nela_leal

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