¡Buena Vista!

Buena Vista a fun place to hang out. For the first time in my life I rode a horse there. I still remember her name, Appaloosa, weird name! Ha! Well if you arr in Costa Rica you’ll find a lot of other weird things here. The first time I came to Costa Rica – wait why are we talking about me if there more interesting stuff to talk about? Who am I kidding I’m more interesting, just kidding, but really.

As I was saying, better yet typing, the first time I went to Buena Vista I was with my cousin Sofi, and that was the time I got to ride Appaloosa and she’s a bit grumpy and a bit mean to, but let’s say she’s just like me. Well, so Sofi was on this other horse named Sardina (English sardine) so Appaloosa didn’t like Sardina or my cousin (just like me) so she started pushing my cousin’s horse and like Sofi is scared of everything. She would scream “stop it”, but if u where there u wouldn’t have stopped. I know, I didn’t I mean really, but it was so hilarious she would cry and for a moment I thought she would pee. Oh… the old days that’s why I will never forget Appaloosa .

Let’s stop talking about them and start talking about the spring waters. OMG the only thing I can tell u my skin was like a baby’s butt. No wait, the water slide – sweet, it was crazy.

Don’t forget the zip line, I mean really, There’s all type of ways to go, superman, upside down or with a partner, and if u want to know, yes, I tried them all and yes it was awesome and yes I almost peed.

If you are still reading this STOP NOW! Better yet go to this link where you can book it and enjoy this awesome place.

What are u still doing here? GO NOW!

– Gaby

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