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Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica Crocodile

Did you ever hear about a crocodile in Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica? Turned out to be true, she is by El Pescador Restaurant. She is actually friendly but does't like to be bothered. Vacation Rentals of Tamarindo has Condos for rent near by this spot, not too close though ;-)

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Costa Rica Photo of the Moment – July 26th 2014

Arenal Waterfall! This is a great place to visit in Costa Rica. If you go there don't miss the opportunity to visit the North Pacific Coast with its great beaches, surfing and people. In Vacation Rentals of Tamarindo we have the best Accommodations in the Gold Coast (Tamarindo, Langosta, Flamingo, Potrero)

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Tamarindo Marathon

The 7th Annual Tamarindo Marathon will take place this coming weekend (Sept 21-22), attracting 5,000 world class athletes from and Costa Rica and several other countries. This series of challenges has become a popular part of the annual calendar of the Guanacaste province, and most hotels and rental resorts report being fully booked. The main event...
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