CNN: Tamarindo Among Top Surfing Beaches Worldwide

On July 1st 2013 CNN posted an article entitled “World’s 50 best surf spots”. In the list we found Tamarindo in the 27th position. Here is their view of it:

“Good for beginners and experts, this half-kilometer stretch of beach with warm water generates waves that reach heights of three meters.”

“Howler monkeys swing through the trees and parakeets screech in the background.”

However many users expressed their disagree for having only one Costa Rican beach on the list. It is probably impossible to make a top 50 list of surfing spots that everyone agrees with, nevertheless we want to highlight the fact that Tamarindo is known around the globe.

Taken from: CNN

Tamarindo Surfing. Credit to Instragram user pricklypoppy

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