Nature Spa – Corn Festival

Ah… the Corn Festival! I still remember it like it where yesterday, but actually it was last year in 7th grade. The 10th graders had to pick someone from 7th to 9th to participate. Each student had to represent their class, and like nobody wanted to. Let’s say I “took one for the team”, in this case class.

So, the corn festival is something like the beauty pageant but native style. The 10th graders had to design our dresses and make a speech for us candidates. So, like I wanted to be the best! I called Nature Spa to help. I looked gorgeous. Everybody said I was the most beautiful, thanking about it with or without makeup I was the prettiest there. Those girls looked terrible, augh! And, even so I lost (who knows why I lost no kidding those girls looked ugly) I was the prettiest there thanks to who……….Nature Spa!

Mani & Pedi – Silvia is one of the owners of the spa and she does miraculous with your nails and your hearing from a girl who nails where literally disgusting. She made my nails look like the new Lady Gaga. This woman has a natural talent maybe that’s why it’s called Nature Spa – mmm…. But really, she’s really good, so good she could make Miley Cyrus go back to normal. I’m kidding! But, if u don’t believe me book a plane to Costa Rica to find out, and if your already hear even better!

Hair Styles – Andres is one of the owners of Nature Spa and he cuts hair there, and if you have witches hair he’ll turn in to Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty you name it! Thanks to him, I don’t look like Beauty and the Beast anymore and trust me I wasn’t beauty.

I would show u the pictures but I burned those things a long… time ago, Thank God!

But let’s not remember the past and focus on the future. So, come on, that glass slipper won’t wait 4ever

If u want to know more about Nature Spa click here, before it strikes midnight!

– Gaby

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