Pan De Azucar Beach Overview

Playa Pan de Azucar (Sugar Beach) is located at the end of the graded road as you head north and west out of Potrero. The Sugar Beach Hotel sits on part of this beach, but there is a dirt parking area accessible from the road beyond the hotel.

Sugar Beach is a short beach of less then 1 km in length but its grey/white sand is exceptionally beautiful. There are private spots along the coast here where it is possible to declare your own “clothing optional zone” as you may not see another person all day. Nude swimming is not legal, but there is no one to enforce the rule in the coves along the road past the Sugar Beach Hotel. Sugar Beach lies at the foot of a coastal range of volcanic rock that dates from the Tertiary Era 60-80 million years ago.

Here one can walk along the entire coastline and admire the marine life. The Pitahayas Islets, which measure 0.75 hectares and lie just off the coast, and the Santa Catalina Island, which has 19 hectares, lies 4 km to the southwest, near Salinas Point.

Playa Pan De Azucar (Sugar Beach), credit to Instragram user archer357

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