The Catamaran

Catamaran – if you don’t get it don’t worry. I at first didn’t get it. Thinking about it I still don’t, oh well the only thing I can tell you is it’s a boat, a fun one too. I had a hell of time, on catamaran I went with my sister my mom and my aunt. It was my first time I got on a boat and the only bad thing about it is the sea sickness – augh! I wanted to puke but forget about that. I got to steer the wheel and I felt like Jack Sparrow!

I saw dolphins and I think I saw an eel with them. It was that our all that puke went to my head. Well, in a catamaran u get to go snorkeling. Actually I have a funny story about snorkeling. In that same boat my aunt doesn’t know how to swim so we tried to teach her but she almost drowned us. She had everything to go under the water but I guess she was really scared. She told me that she felt that the boat was on top of her. I guess she really didn’t want to let us know she can’t swim, but the past is the past.

If u want to know more, press here to know how to get the boat on top of you – just kidding!

– Gaby

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