Zip Line de Cartagena

Zip Line de Cartagena – There was the first time I went on zip line. I almost crapped in my pants I was so scared. But, at the same time I was having fun, and the best part was my cousin Sofi screaming like crazy. Yeah, comes with us everywhere. Boring but what can u do when your cousin scares the heck out of u? Oh… well, like I was saying we went with my mom my dad my sister and last but not least oh who am I kidding she’s least all right, my cousin.

So, my mom couldn’t go on the zip line so she stayed in the car. So, there we were and someone had to go first and that person was my dad to take pictures like every dad does when he sees he’s little bird fly in the air. So, the next person was me I thought I was going to die. I screamed like never before and finally the fun torture was over. Then it was my sister’s turn, but let’s forget about that (reminders – she’s a bit boring, a bit? who am I kidding). So now its Sofi’s turn and I think forgot to say this but it was her first time too, and that girl, there is nothing she’s not afraid of. She cried, screamed, and it looked like she was dying, so finally the guy got tired and had to go with her but she still couldn’t calm down and that’s how she acted the rest of the day at Zip Line de Cartagena. Instead of having fun I couldn’t hear for the rest of the day, even my mom heard her from the car oh… well but actually I had a blast!

If u want fly like a bird come on down to Zip Line de Cartagena. Let’s see if u have more fun than me. Oh… how could I forget – there’s monkey there, real life eatable monkeys.

– Gaby

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